Swanson and Bratschun attorneys help our clients acquire, manage, and protect copyright portfolios and avoid disputes regarding the use of others’ works.

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Swanson and Bratschun has extensive experience in all aspects of domestic and international trademark practice. The firm’s expertise spans trademark selection, clearance, applications to register, prosecution, and dispute practice in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the federal courts

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Attorneys in Motion

Swanson and Bratschun  attorneys go the extra mile for our national and international clients. Clients of the firm range from start-up companies and individual inventors to major research universities, Fortune 500 corporations, as well as international companies.

Attorneys in Motion

Intellectual Property

Swanson & Bratschun attorneys have developed patent portfolios for a wide variety of clients in highly competitive fields. Our portfolios have stood up to rigorous due diligence examinations and aided clients in raising tens of millions of dollars in investments.

Patent Law Attorneys

Life Sciences

The attorneys have successful prosecuted patents in the following areas: therapeutics, diagnostics, methods of use, antibodies, gene therapy technologies, and new genes and proteins.


Electrical and Computer Technology

The firm has extensive experience protecting inventions related to electrical and computer technology. We work with each client individually to understand its business so that the best types of protection can be pursued to maximize the client’s business goals.

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Medical Devices

Our patent prosecution experience covers specialties including mechanical, electrical, electromechanical and optical device types. Swanson & Bratschun attorneys have successfully prosecuted medical device patents including cardiovascular surgery tools, drug delivery devices and more.



Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted inventions including small organic molecules, aptamers, RNAi, antibodies, prodrugs, and other chemical compounds. Clients include those developing products regulated by the FDA and others focusing on unregulated products.


What Our Clients Say

“What a pleasure to talk substance about our inventions, and then see wonderful craftsmanship applied to the finished patent applications — it certainly helps that the attorneys at Swanson & Bratschun, LLC understand our technology deeply and creatively.”

—Larry Gold, Chairman and Chief Science Officer,
SomaLogic, Inc.

“Swanson & Bratschun helped me build Avid from an idea into the premier American bicycle brake manufacturer.”

—Wayne Lumpkin, President and Founder, Avid LLC

“Swanson & Bratschun stopped a Fortune 500 company’s infringement of the American Wilderness Experience trademarks. Their focused litigation strategy both preserved the value built up in our brand identity and resulted in a lucrative license agreement.”

—Dave Wiggins, American Wilderness Experience

“Swanson & Bratschun has consistently provided high-quality service beyond our expectations. our technology is non-intuitive and we have been pleasantly surprised at the level of technical understanding and expertise demonstrated by the attorneys. It takes them very little time to get up to speed in new technology areas.”

– Andy Sappey, CTO, Zolo Technologies, Inc.