Amy Hsiao, Partner


Amy specializes in China.  She helps Western companies to grow and protect brands in PRC China and 30+ countries across Asia.

Amy is widely recognized as an expert in China’s trademark. She has pursued cases through all levels within China’s system and had over 100 opposition wins. She has served as the China Subject Matter Expert for organizations around the world. Because of her reputation in the industry, she was selected by China’s former Deputy Secretary-General of China’s Trademark Association as the only Western attorney to work on China’s very first trademark textbook for the Western World. The book was published by Wolters Kluwer in May 2017 and is available on Amazon.  The book is described as: “the single indispensable source on China”.

During her career, she has:

  • Created brands and coordinated filing strategies in Asia for global brand launching events;
  • Cleared 300+ trademarks in both the English and Chinese languages;
  • Mentored clients, from garage start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, about sourcing and retailing in Asia;
  • Designed and successfully executed anti-counterfeiting programs from Korea to India for clients in the following industries: sports & fitness, hospitality, fashion, consumer electronics, logistics, and semiconductors;
  • Obtained victories in China including rare preliminary injunctions from the Chinese courts.
  • 10+ years of large U.S. law firm experience serving as the primary contact for clients with issues in Asia including brand creation, copyright, online take-downs, social media, OEM and advertising.

Amy publishes and speaks frequently in both English and Mandarin Chinese.  Amy is a frequent speaker at conferences and CLE events for in-house attorneys in the US and UK.  She is also a frequent speaker in Greater China, advising companies on global IP strategies and policy makers on trademark reforms.

Amy is a unique mix of both Western and Chinese cultures. As one general counsel put it: “China is a wild west; IP strategies are like a whack-a-mole game.  Often, the advice from counsel offers little guidance to business.  Amy is the rare exception.  She does not just say, “this is how China does it”, she actually tells you why, and then provides legal strategy and steps that make sense.  I can now finally have an intelligent conversation with my business.”


Amy has family on both sides of the world. She enjoys nature, traveling, hiking, jogging and any outdoor activities not involving heights. Her goal is to retire when her rescued dog, Chester (a UK-born cocker spaniel), is finally fluent in both English and Chinese.


Georgia (2007); New York (2010) 


National Taiwan Normal University (2002) (magna cum laude)
University of Georgia, School of Law (2007) (cum laude)
Chinese Biography
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