Business Methods & Bioinformatics

The firm has extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting business method and bioinformatics patents. Since 1998, U.S courts have acknowledged that business methods were entitled to patent protection in the United States. This has led to a dramatic increase in the filing of business method patent applications. Perhaps as a backlash to that increase in business method application filing, the legal standards surrounding the patenting of business methods have been ever-changing in recent years. The attorneys of Swanson and Bratschun, L.L.C. diligently track these changes so as to position applications in the best position for valuable patent protection.

Swanson and Bratschun, L.L.C.’s unique combination of attorneys with expertise in business methods, software, and chem/biotech patent prosecution allows the firm to effectively combine skill sets in the prosecution of bioinformatics patents. Bioinformatics concerns the collection, manipulation, analysis, interpretation, and distribution of information harvested from biological data and computation. It can involve software implemented methodologies for gene sequencing, protein structure prediction, modeling and 3D visualization.