Software plays a significant role in our nation’s economy, and patents on software have helped spur the incredible innovation in this field over the last fifteen years.  In areas ranging from enterprise business systems and the World Wide Web, to personal productivity and entertainment applications, to embedded software in electronic devices, software is involved in almost every aspect of commerce and entertainment. Our software clients range from sole inventors and start-ups to Fortune 500 conglomerates, and they develop software in a variety of areas.  As a relatively immature field, the law of software patents continues to see significant evolution.  The attorneys of Swanson and Bratschun, L.L.C. work diligently to stay apprised of current developments in software patent law, augmenting the firm’s significant experience in this area to produce robust patent applications that withstand the test of time.
Attorneys at Swanson and Bratschun, L.L.C. have prepared and prosecuted patent applications in the following representative fields:

  • Databases and enterprise applications
  • Internet security and fraud detection
  • Personal productivity software
  • Video games and filmmaking tools
  • Telecommunication software
  • Electronic commerce and web applications
  • Middleware and web services
  • Navigation system software

Our clients have developed extensive portfolios in these and other fields.  Representative clients include:

  • Accelerated Pictures, Inc.
  • Digital Folio, Inc.
  • Evolving Systems, Inc.
  • IGC Systems, Inc.
  • MarkMonitor, Inc.
  • Trimble Navigation Limited
  • CenturyLink, Inc.