Electrical and Computer Technology


Patent Drawing

The firm has extensive experience protecting inventions related to electrical and computer technology. We work with each client individually to understand its business so that the best types of protection can be pursued to maximize the client’s business goals. Our attorneys have a depth of experience in a wide variety of electrical and computer technologies and are adept at coming up to speed quickly when presented with your new inventions. We sincerely value the relationships that we develop with our clients and are extremely pleased when our efforts to protect their intellectual property help them succeed.

We can help clients with services in a wide variety of areas related to a client’s invention. For example, we often assist clients in patent searching, patent application preparation, expedited patent prosecution, idea mining, patent licensing, patent reexamination, patent enforcement, and invalidity and non-infringement opinions.

While each invention, by definition, is new, our attorneys do draw upon their prior technical experience in areas such as:

  • Semiconductor devices and processing
  • Communication systems and electronics
  • Telecommunications systems and equipment
  • Computer networking systems and devices
  • GPS and navigational devices
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Consumer products and applications
  • Cryptography techniques and applications
  • Digital image processing techniques